" Delve into the mystical ocean of music and explore what it beholds within"




....because we love to hear your Musicallvibes, so write it loud. Pen down your experiences with music and we will share it with the world. Great things should be shared. Great Music Great Vibes.

Musical Delight

Let music be the food for your soul, keep playing on. Treat your soul with a playlist of amazing musical creations.

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Drench yourself in the drizzle of music and enjoy the evanescent moments of bliss that recapitulates within your soul.


"Because Team works makes Dream work"- Anonymous

Sujata Yamini aka Suzi Roy

Blogger at Musicallvibes

She is a young and vibrant music enthusiast. A musician by destiny and a writer by choice. Having started her career as a content writer she decided to chase dreams and passion full fledgedly via Musicallvibes. She is also a freelance content writer and a classical singer.

Zeeshan Ali

Creative designer at Musicallvibes

He is a young and dynamic web designer and one of the most important key members of the Musicallvibes Team. He is very passionate about his website designing skills.


Life bestows ecstasy in the simplest and magical way. We work in unison to explore those musical vibes. The euphoria one experiences in listening to one’s choicest music can do unknown wonders to the soul and the body. Discerning that, we are here to spread the word across to the readers. We are here to tell the world, the stories about how wonderfully music has healed people and their souls.

Our Story

One day while completely immersed in the magic of music, we realised one thing. It was the magic that music beholds in itself. A moment of music did so much good to us. That’s how the threads of thought began questioning our souls. How amazing would it be if we could tell people about the value of good music? We had our own levels of fear and excitement. But then we decided to express it to the world. Music is an inseparable part of human existence. So rather than keeping something great inside, let's share everything great about music. Great Music Great Vibes.




Music is for everyone and anyone can experience music in any situation. Music triggers one's emotions and creates great vibes. It soothes our soul in the backdrop of limitless imagination. It's an art, they say. I believe music is one of those art forms which is enjoyed and cherished by the entire universe. Also, the one in which neither the creator not connoisseur is denied equality. Musicallvibes is a tunnel which leads to a platform where a lot of musical stories are going to be told, written and appreciated.

Lional Joshua

Music beholds in itself magical stories which melt the strongest and weakest emotions of our heart. It just speaks without even saying a word. It's divine, it's pure, its independent and it's everywhere. Musicallvibes is more an experience than just a website. Great Music Great Vibes.

Suzi Roy

Music tunes our souls. It has the power to strike the chords perfectly between mind, soul, and body. The subtlety with which this abstract art form hits our thoughts is magical. The depth of music has helped me realise how valuable this life is. When words fail, Music speaks and the best part is it speaks the language that everyone understands. Musicallvibes is on its way to archive all beautiful stories of music to create more and more positive vibes.

Hemanth Kumar



We always look forward to listening to Your Musical Vibes. So be a story teller write to us about your musical experience, story or your views on music, because no one can tell your story better than you yourself.